Wellness care at the Vitalign Spine Clinic is chiropractic care for the purpose of being healthy or maintaining health. You may not have any pain or recognizable symptoms at all. This idea comes from the understanding that we have to actively make good health choices in our lives to be healthy. We all know that eating healthy, regular exercise, restful sleep, healthy mental attitudes lead to being healthy and feeling great. One thing people sometimes forget is a healthy and fully functioning nervous system (that is what we help you with) is a key component to maintaining good health.



We all want to be healthy. Everyone realizes that having good health is a very good thing. How does a person know if they are healthy? Do you judge your health by not being sick or by not having pain? Although not having pain or sickness may be a part of being healthy, it is a very incomplete assumption. Some common examples of having an underlying problem without pain or sickness might be:

We all know someone who may have one or more of these problems but in most cases, we do not always recognize that person as being unhealthy. These problems are a way of your body communicating to you that something may be wrong. So, what does all of this have to do with wellness care. The answer is everything! Our bodies are controlled by our nervous system. The brain, spinal cord and nerves control every single function of your body. If there is a problem with the nervous system, the body will not function properly and you will not be healthy. The symptoms that we are talking about are a sign that the nervous system has a problem and the body is not expressing health optimally. The good news is that our doctors at the Vitalign Spine Clinic are very good at taking pressure off of the nervous system so that the body can heal and return to or maintain excellent health.

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