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Our primary goal is to provide care for hurting people who have lost hope

Meet Dr Herrboldt

Dr. Herrboldt has been a NUCCA chiropractor since 2014. When he is not seeing his patients, he also loves traveling, exploring and going on adventures with his beautiful wife and son. As a family they are involved in their church’s ministries, they enjoy boating, hiking and most sports (both playing and observing as fans).

Dr. Herrboldt believes that the human body has a natural intelligence to heal itself. “Our bodies express health based on our lifestyle (what we do and don’t do). My goal is to remove structural imbalances in the spine so that your body is free to express life, the way it is supposed to. This means you are out doing the things you love to do without pain, without being dependent on medication or traveling to doctor appointments. Let’s get you out of pain so that you can enjoy your life!”

Reasons to Choose Us


We empower our patients to understand how the human body functions and give them keys to health and wholeness.


We provide a solid foundation for healing by correcting the underlying issue, stabilizing the correction and optimizing the healing process.


We help to give you the tools to make your OWN decisions about your health so you can live the way you want to live.


We use both NUCCA and Non-Surgical Decompression non-invasive treatment therapies to relieve chronic pain.

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How did you hear about us? *

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