Are you struggling with vertigo or dizziness? People who are suffering from dizziness or vertigo can experience their symptoms in many ways. Sometimes patients will say, “the room is spinning or I have no balance and I’m going to fall down.” We understand that the symptoms can vary between patients. Very often, our patients have tried other health care providers with little relief. We believe it is important to educate our patients on how vertigo works and identifying the cause, unfortunately it can be a difficult question to answer. But we are here to help.


Our vestibular system is responsible for maintaining balance and tells our body where it is in relation to our world around us. This crucial system relies on perfect communication between the inner ear and the brainstem, which is located in the upper neck. Research reveals that there is a strong connection to a misalignment of the upper neck and the symptoms associated with vertigo. Problems in the upper cervical spine have been shown to irritate nerves, affect Eustachian Tube function, and can lead to improper flow of fluids out of the inner ear. All of these problems are capable of negatively affecting our vestibular system, and may lead to Vertigo or Meniere’s Disease.


There can be many causes of vertigo; dizziness is not the only symptom associated with this disorder. For some people vertigo is just annoying while for others it can be debilitating. In either instance, it could be a sign that something more serious is happening within your body. For this reason, it is important to schedule a consultation with the Vitalign Spine Clinic if you are having trouble concentrating or focusing your mind, if you are having problems hearing or have fullness in your ears, if you have tinnitus or ringing in your ears, if you feel off-balance or can’t maintain your balance, if your eyes can’t focus or have blurry vision, if you are experiencing episodes of being nauseous and you don’t know why.

And just like vertigo patients can express their symptoms in many different ways, there can be many vertigo inducing conditions associated. Here is a list of some common conditions:

We will conduct a very detailed and thorough history and examination, hopefully uncovering what may be the source of the symptoms. This will be important in having the most focused treatment. We understand how frustrating and scary living with dizziness or vertigo can be so if you or someone you love is suffering, please call Vitalign Spine Clinic for a free consultation so you can get some answers and start the healing process.

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