Arielle Y.

When first seeking regular chiropractor care, I didn’t want a chiropractor that would yank on/twist my neck or manipulate my body in painful ways. I had tried many different things (in which nothing seemed to help) before trying Dr. Herrboldt and NUCCA chiropractic care, and have found that NUCCA is the only thing that has given me long-term pain relief. Dr. Herrboldt is absolutely incredible and takes time to genuinely listen to what you have to say at each appointment. He has proven to me that chiropractor care can (and should be!!) gentle and effective. I call Dr. Herrboldt a “miracle worker” because I didn’t think relief from my pain/headaches was possible, it is!! It not only has improved my physical health, but also my mental health. Many of my friends and family members have entrusted Dr. Herrboldt with their chiropractic care and have found that being in alignment has significantly improved their quality of life. Thank you Dr. Herrboldt for your care and expertise!!!

Arielle Y.


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