Neck pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek out care at the Vitalign Spine Clinic. Millions of people suffer with neck pain, never getting the care they need. People describe neck pain starting from the base of their skull down to and across their shoulders. In some cases, people will describe numbness or tingling down into their hands or fingers, others will describe difficulty turning their heads side to side or up and down or maybe you have a constant desire to “crack” your neck. However the problem may present itself, our doctors at Vitalign Spine Clinic are specifically trained to identify the cause of neck pain and correct the problem so that the body can finally heal. Because neck pain is one of the most common reasons people seek care at the Vitalign Spine Clinic we have a very high success rate in helping those individuals.


Don’t fall for the kind of thinking that insinuates that because so many people have neck pain, it must be normal. Although it is true that neck pain is very common, it is certainly NOT normal. The main problem with this thinking is that your body is trying to tell you that there is a problem and you are ignoring your body. If you respond to what the body is trying to tell you, in most cases the problem can be corrected. However, if you ignore the pain and what your body is telling you, the problem may become much more significant and becomes more difficult to correct or a worse case would be now it’s time for surgery. So, if you are having neck pain, please do not ignore it! We are here to help you.


It is impossible to help an individual with neck pain if you don’t know what the problem is and where the problem is located. The doctors at the Vitalign Spine Clinic are specifically trained in the upper cervical spine. This is the area that supports the weight of the head and is also where most people’s problems begin. If the head is not positioned over the neck properly, one can imagine the increase in pressure/tightness on the muscles and nerves that run down into the shoulders and upper back. Bad posture and repetitive motions accompanied with a structural problem will exacerbate any symptoms associated with these problems.

We have been told that one of the main reasons people may not want to come to a chiropractor for neck pain is that they are scared to have their necks “cracked, popped or twisted.” We understand that, and we DO NOT do that. If you ask our patients, they would describe the adjustment as a gentle pressure right under your ear as you lie down on your side. The reason why the adjustment can be so gentle and so life-changingly powerful is the specificity of the adjustment.

The spine is one of the most complex areas of your body, especially the upper cervical spine. The doctors at the Vitalign Spine Clinic are trained to a very specific chiropractic technique called NUCCA and the DRX 9000, which is a specialized but highly sophisticated and effective machine for Non-Surgical Decompression. NUCCA has an established protocol to measure 3-Dimensionally any skeletal imbalances in the head and neck. Using this protocol, our patients receive the care that they need to heal their problems. Additionally, the DRX 9000 Non-Surgical Decompression machine gently stretches and relaxes the spine, relieving pressure on the nerves and allowing your body to heal naturally.

Every patient is unique in their own way and so are their problems. Because everyone is different, every treatment will be a little different. Meaning there is no cookie-cutter approach to fix everyone. Patients will have a much better understanding of why they had pain to begin with and know how to take care of themselves in the future so they don’t end up with same problem. In certain cases, people let spinal problems go uncorrected. They hope that if they wait long enough their neck pain will just go away. Some of the time the neck pain does go away, but the structural problem that caused the problem is still there. Over time, that area will often become aggravated again, and the pain will return. Without correction, the problem can become much more serious.

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