Dr. Chad Herrboldt

Dr. Chad Herrboldt grew up in Scotland SD and moved to Minnesota in 2011. When he was growing up, he always had a natural curiosity of how things worked, he loved people and he loved sports. He enjoyed a successful High School and Division 1 College Wrestling career. Ultimately, sports are what lead him to Chiropractic but it was his wife “who always seems to know best” convinced him he would be a great Chiropractor.

In order to be successful as an athlete, one must have a good understanding of health. In those days, as an athlete, Dr. Herrboldt did not have a good understanding of health even though he thought he did. It was, injury after injury that led him to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care allowed him to continue competing and changed the way he envisioned health. The care he received made such a difference in his life that he chose to be a chiropractor. At that point in his life he “liked” chiropractic. It wasn’t until he discovered NUCCA chiropractic that the true passion and love for chiropractic came to exist.

Dr. Herrboldt says “Before I discovered NUCCA, I liked the idea of how chiropractic works. Adjusting the spine to free the nervous system which allows the body to heal naturally is a truly beautiful concept and the foundation of all chiropractic. But until you actually experience a true, clearing correction of the spine, it is hard to fully understand without experiencing it. I used traditional chiropractic to manage daily aches and pains that I endured from years of wrestling and I thought chiropractic was great. Then I got my first NUCCA correction and all of the symptoms that have been going on for years, suddenly and abruptly stopped, completely. That changed everything.

NUCCA is the most specific, precise and accurate chiropractic procedure that has been developed. NUCCA chiropractic has allowed me to witness miracles in the clinic every day and has changed thousands of lives.”

Dr. Herrboldt believes that the human body has a natural intelligence to heal itself. “Our bodies express health based on our lifestyle (what we do and don’t do). My goal is to remove structural imbalances in the spine so that your body is free to express life, the way it is supposed to. This means you are out doing the things you love to do without pain, without being dependent on medication or traveling to doctor appointments. Let’s get you out of pain so that you can enjoy your life!”

Dr. Herrboldt has been a NUCCA chiropractor since 2014. When he is not seeing his patients, he also loves traveling, exploring and going on adventures with his beautiful wife and son. As a family they are involved in their church’s ministries, they enjoy boating, hiking and most sports (both playing and observing as fans).

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