Chiropractic for Athletes


Have you ever been injured playing sports? Did you ever stop to think, why did I get injured? Was it just bad luck or could the injury been prevented? At the Vitalign Spine Clinic these are the questions that we consider with our athletes. Most of the time, people consider their injuries a result of bad luck. However, a split-second reaction or slight change in body position could make all the difference in the world. Most athletes are what we call “structurally imbalanced”. Meaning that due to the wear and tear on their bodies from training or competition, the bones of the spine are not properly aligned which causes significant stress on the nerve system, health and ability to compete at the highest levels.

We work closely with physical therapists, functional movement specialists, massage therapists, sports performance coaches, strength coaches, athletic trainers and medical doctors to co-manage care depending on the specific needs of the athlete. All other treatments work better when the athlete is in align and the structural imbalances of the spine are removed.


Most people do not think about or may have ever thought about the concepts we are going to introduce. We also understand that most people are not Doctors or may know very little about how the body works so don’t worry about the “big words” and just focus on the concepts. Here are some of the key body functions that can be impaired due to structural imbalances.

If you are an athlete or a parent of an athlete and you are noticing signs of being structurally imbalanced, want to improve performance, heal faster or stop taking daily medication just to manage pain. Please give us a call for a complimentary consultation so we can help you perform at your best!

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